Communal cooking spaces are ripe with the potential to talk about healing, wellness, history and ritual.

Heard about my knack for yummy food and creating safe spaces to learn?

Let’s get in touch. I’m devoted to wielding the culinary arts to build community wherever I stand. Large group facilitation and conscious catered food for gatherings are my specialities.

Working for organizations that provided drop-in and shelter services began my food security and culinary service. It includes facilitating safe spaces to learn self-care through food preparation, programs that contribute to food justice,  and training for careers in food service.

Some recent feedback from organizations about my work:

“Michelle was brought on originally to contribute to a small section of our culinary employment program, but after getting to know more about her skills and experience, myself and other team members continued to refer to her for support in other sections of the program and beyond! Michelle comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the food and social sectors. She is well rounded, resourceful, and dependable. She is extremely supportive and gives her whole to the projects she takes on, and goes beyond what is expected of her. She is very committed and a pleasure to work with!” Besma Soltan, Training Coordinator – North York Community House 

“Knowledge is empowerment and so the information and insight that Michelle shared with our community members at Access Alliance left everyone feeling more powerful! The workshop participants were excited to learn from Michelle how they could take back control of their own health through easy, cost-effective and quick practices. The participants of all ages (from children – older participants) found Michelle to be an engaging facilitator, and appreciated the time she made for individual questions and discussion.” -Ziadh Rabbani, Green Access Community Health Worker, Access Alliance

250-891-4342     michelle.quintal@gmail.com